Women's Pro Series 2024

The 2024 Ultimate Pool Womens Pro Series will feature ten events at five double-header long weekends throughout the year. All 32 professional players are eligible to enter these events.

2024 Womens Pro Series events are straight knockout. The top 16 ranked players (from the Womens Challenger Series 2023) will all be seeded in the Last 32 stage. The remaining players will be drawn in at random to play the top 16 ranked players. The top 16 ranked players will have their seed for remainder of the 2024 season.

All matches are a races to seven frames, although all main arena matches will be played with a match-clock.

The Golden Break and Golden Duck rules are not in operation during this year’s Series.

The draws and schedules for each Series weekend will be released on the Live Scoring page around a fortnight before the event begins.


All Womens Pro Series events in 2024 will take place at the Grand Hotel in Blackpool

There are five weekend stops, with two Pro Series events taking place at each one. The dates are:

  • Events 1 & 2 | February 16-18
  • Events 3 & 4 | April 5-7
  • Events 5 & 6 | June 14-16
  • Events 7 & 8 | September 20-22
  • Events 9 & 10 | November 22-24

Prize Money

The 2024 Ultimate Pool Womens Professional Series has a total prize fund of £47,000. The prize money breakdown for each event is as follows:

  • Winner: £1,800
  • Runner-Up: £900
  • Semi-Finalist: £500
  • Quarter-Finalist: £250

Ranking Points Distribution

For each 2024 Womens Professional Series event:

  • Winner: 6,000
  • Runner-Up: 3,000
  • Semi-Finalist: 2,000
  • Quarter-Finalist: 1,500
  • Last 16: 1,000
  • Last 32: 750


Live coverage from the Last 8 of the 2024 Ultimate Pool Womens Professional Series will be on ultimatepool.tv and the Ultimate Pool App.

Terms and Conditions For Players

As well as the Ultimate Pool Group's Standard Terms and Conditions that all entrants must abide by, there are additional rules:

It is mandatory for all players competing on the 2024 Ultimate Pool Professional Series to stay at least two nights (Friday and Saturday) at the Grand Hotel in Blackpool.

You must book and pay for your accommodation in full at least three weeks prior to a Series weekend. Failure to do so will mean you will not be included in the draw; you could be replaced in the event(s) and you won't be eligible for any refund of entry fees.

For all accommodation enquiries, please contact Neil Toms (Head of Tournament Operations) on 07811 111855 or via email on neil.toms@ultimatepoolgroup.com