All Ultimate Pool Group tournaments are played to International 8-Ball Pool Rules.

International 8-Ball Rules

International 8-Ball Rules were created with the intention of providing better symmetry alongside other 8-ball pool rulesets around the world.

Ultimate Pool commentator and former international player Simon Webb details the rules in this YouTube video here.

Originally known as ‘Supreme Rules’, they were first played in a major ‘English 8-Ball Pool’ event at the 2018 Supreme Series Grand Final which held a record-breaking first prize of £51,000. They were then fully incorporated throughout the entire 2019 Supreme Series and gained acclaim amongst the world’s top players who contested these events.

The rules have since evolved into International 8-Ball Rules in recognition of their global appeal. It is hoped that the rules will provide increased understanding and visibility of ‘English 8-Ball Pool’ throughout the world, resonating with new viewers who can follow and acknowledge the action. Previously, audiences from certain territories may have struggled to appreciate the intricacies of other rulesets within the sport.

The Ultimate Pool Group believes that the simplicity and fast-paced nature of International 8-Ball Rules can unlock the sport’s potential to the world.

Whilst International 8-Ball Rules are a constant throughout, several televised Ultimate Pool events have additional ‘tournament specific’ rules attached.

These include the entertaining Golden Break and Golden Duck concept; should a player pot the 8-ball off their break they will instantly win that frame, however, should a player pot both the 8-ball and the cueball (or commit another foul), they instantly lose it.

With these rules in place, there may only be a few seconds left on the match-clock, but either could make a dramatic difference to the outcome – keeping the excitement and possibilities open right up until the end.

Another innovative Ultimate Pool concept is the 6-Reds Shootout. This is generally seen at the end of a contest that has been tied and is used to determine who wins the overall match.

Players are required to pot six red balls as fast as they can – whoever does so in the quickest time wins. Simple as that!

Scott is a familiar face to viewers of Ultimate Pool action having officiated at several of its televised competitions.

A county level player himself who has won national titles, Scott has refereed at several major 8-Ball Pool events in recent years and is now one of the sport’s most experienced and respected officials.

As the Ultimate Pool Group’s Head Referee, Scott not only wears the white gloves out in the arena but also oversees the activities and development of other UPG officials, offering ongoing support and mentorship.

He is the Founder and Chairman of the International Referees Organisation.

The International Referees Organisation (IRO) supplies qualified International 8-Ball Pool Rules referees and officials for all Ultimate Pool Group events – both on television and on the floor.

The IRO provides advice, guidance and opportunities for prospective and existing International 8-Ball Pool Rules referees.

For further information on the IRO – including details on how you can become a qualified International 8-Ball Rules referee by going through their exam process – please visit their Facebook group here