Last Man Standing 2024

Last Man Standing 2024 is BACK and exclusively live on UltimatePool.TV!! After the success of this event in 2023, we are back again in 2024 with 32 players this time around. These 32 players are a mixture of UP Professionals and Qualifiers. They will compete on the 18th and 19th of May and will battle it out all weekend. This exciting format will serve up some classic matches along the way and will undoubtably have some shock exits along the way too. How it work....

  1. The first two players will be drawn out at random using the random generator.
  2. The winner will then be able to choose from the players remaining or go with the random generator again.
  3. If that same player wins again, he must then choose an assassin whom has a bounty on his head.

If they happen to win three in a row, they will be placed on the "Hot Seat" and they are then exempt from being picked again until someone else wins three in a row where they will replace the previous player in the "Hot Seat" This repeats itself all the way through the event until we get to the final five players that are left in the event.

Prize Breakdown:

  • Winner - £5,000.00
  • Runner Up - £2,500.00
  • 3rd Place - £1,250.00
  • 4th Place - £1,000.00
  • 5th Place - £800.00
  • 6th Place - £700.00
  • 7th Place - £600.00
  • 8th Place - £500.00
  • 9th Place - £400.00
  • 10th Place - £300.00
  • 11th Place - £200.00
  • 12th Place - £150.00