Tuesday 25 July

Ultimate Pool Malta Franchise Announced!

The Ultimate Pool Group are excited to announce that Malta has joined the Ultimate Pool Team. Ultimate Pool Malta will be running their own tour events under the Ultimate Pool umbrella in a landmark announcement for Maltese pool.

Scott Ryan, Ultimate Pool Commercial Director said “We are delighted to come to this arrangement with our Maltese friends. Malta has, through the years, produced some exceptional talents. We've been blessed with seeing some of the best players from Malta play on the Ultimate Pool circuit already and this agreement will lead to Malta continuing to produce world class talent and, most importantly, have the best stage to showcase it.”

Vincent Degiorgio, UP Malta Director, said: “Malta is excited to join forces with Ultimate Pool and offer new opportunities to all players of the game.”

More details on this partnership to follow, in the meantime make sure to follow Ultimate Pool Malta on Facebook for updates here.

UP Malta Launch.jpg