Monday 15 January


The Ultimate Pool Group is delighted to announce that Ultimate Pool is coming to America. The Ultimate Pool USA franchise will be running their own tour events under the Ultimate Pool umbrella as the Ultimate Pool family continues to grow.

Ultimate Pool Managing Director, Jordan Chavoush said: “Bringing Ultimate Pool to the United States has been a cherished dream since the inception of the Ultimate Pool Group. This expansion isn't just a milestone for our brand; it's a journey into a new chapter of growth and development.”

“With the birth of Ultimate Pool USA, our passion is directed towards elevating both the amateur and professional pool game to never-before-seen heights. We're committed to nurturing a dynamic and competitive environment that will genuinely reshape the entire landscape of the sport.”

Ultimate Pool’s reach has continued to grow year upon year since its inception and the ‘trip across the pond’ heralds a landmark moment for everybody who has helped to grow and support the brand.

UP USA Poster Launch 2.jpg

Ultimate Pool is known globally for bringing the biggest names and the most exciting 8 Ball Pool to an expanding audience. Ultimate Pool USA will continue this by showcasing Ultimate Pool’s flagship tournaments to an American audience.

Ultimate Pool USA is across the usual social media channels, more details on this partnership to follow.

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