Tuesday 17 October

Lee Irwin and Kirsty-Lee Davies take Mini Series Gold

Lee Irwin fired past Oly Bale in a one-sided Seniors Mini Series final to claim the weekend’s Seniors title whilst Kirsty-Lee Davies produced one of the performances of the weekend to beat Women’s Series favourite Harriet Haynes to the Women’s Mini Series title.

Irwin came into the final as the underdog against Ultimate Pool Professional Oly Bale but never looked daunted by the big occasion and only needed seven frames to quickly dispatch The Bullet.


The 6-1 victory stood as testament to Irwin’s dominant form with the newly crowned Seniors Champion showing no mercy for his opposition over the weekend. Having faced staunch opposition in his route to the final the eventual winner never looked under pressure; only dropping seven frames in six matches on the final day.

In the post-match interview with Ultimate Pool’s Simon Webb, Irwin said, “I didn’t play well on Friday and then for some reason I just started hitting the ball better yesterday, and to be honest I actually felt really good today, I thought I would go pretty close to winning it if I played well.”

Irwin’s win came after the women’s final saw Davies walk off with the Women’s Meni Series crown having overturned Haynes in a 8 frame finale.


Davies looked in control for much of the final and a 6-2 reverse of ‘Double H’ showed the great form she was in over the whole weekend.

Davies’ route to the final brought her up against some of the best in the women’s game with Danielle Randle, Beckie Watkins and Lyndsey Roberts all dispatched on her road to the title.


Davies now turns her attention to Ultimate Pool’s Women’s showcase event, Last Woman Standing, which starts 11:00, Saturday 21st October live on Ultimate Pool TV. Davies remarked at the end of her interview with Simon Webb “Yeah, I’m really looking forward to it, it’ll be interesting.”

Shona Lucas took the Women's Plate and Gary Simmonds got the win in the Seniors Plate.

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Join us for Last Woman Standing live on Ultimate Pool TV.