Wednesday 16 November

2023 Ultimate Pool Dress Code Announcement

For players competing on any Ultimate Pool ‘Series’ in 2023, they must wear either one of the new 2023 polo shirt designs that are soon to be released or their official 2022 Challenger/Women’s Series polo shirt whilst playing in a ‘Series’ event.

No other polo shirt attire will be allowed whilst playing in a ‘Series’ event.

If a player at an event does not have either one of the 2022 or 2023 polo shirts, they must purchase one from the onsite shop. The player in question will be deemed ‘not ready to play’ until they are wearing the suitable attire.

Ultimate Pool would like to remind players that they are also to wear dress trousers (no alternatives such as chinos will be allowed) and dress shoes (no alternatives such as ‘Vans’ will be allowed).

Again, should a player not meet the dress code, they will be deemed ‘not ready to play’ until they do.

Should a player have a medical reason as to why they cannot wear a certain piece(s) of dress code, they are to contact the Ultimate Pool Group for guidance.

The full Dress Code - including guidance on sponsorship patches - can be found in Section Five of Ultimate Pool's Standard Terms and Conditions here.