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Welcome to the Ultimate Pool Group

The Ultimate Pool Group organise and promote professional 8-Ball Pool events featuring the world’s top players.

Founded in 2020 when the QK Sports Entertainment and Orange Media Group brands merged forces, the Ultimate Pool Group harbours an exciting vision for the sport’s future, with an emphasis on supplying quality, entertainment and increased levels of professionalism, exposure and prize money.

Ultimate Pool hosts a portfolio of live televised tournaments including several major invitationals and a structured two-tier floor circuit that consists of an open amateur series and an elite 32-player professional series. Throughout 2021, Ultimate Pool is set to payout approximately £300,000 in prizes.

Several of 8-Ball Pool’s all-time greats compete in Ultimate Pool events, including current and six-time World Champion Michael Hill, and two-time World Champion and former Mosconi Cup MVP Chris Melling.

Ultimate Pool – Upping the Bar!

Meet the Ultimate Pool Team
Mark Quirk
Mark Quirk


Lee Kendall
Lee Kendall


Zac Leonard
Zac Leonard

Player and Talent Management

Will Caldwell

Digital Media

Jordan Chavoush
Jordan Chavoush

Business Operations

Michael Day
Michael Day

Press and Communications

Media Partners

Broadcast and Media

The Ultimate Pool Group will enjoy around 200 hours of live television coverage on British free-to-air channel FreeSports in 2021 with events shown regularly on Monday evenings as well as weekends during the second half of the year.


FreeSports TV is available on Freeview HD channel 64, Sky HD channel 422, Virgin HD 553, TalkTalk 64, BT Vision channel 64 and online via the FreeSports Player.


Free Sports


For those outside of the UK and/or unable to access the network, the Ultimate Pool Group uploads fresh content onto its YouTube channel on Friday nights.

Founded in the USA in 1998, the AZBilliards network is a renowned and trusted source of information for pool followers with 5 million page views each month.


Ultimate Pool Group news articles and releases feature on the AZB website and the UPG has its own column in their popular monthly online magazine ‘Billiards Buzz’.



Are you seeking a cost-effective way of getting your brand across to a wide demographic of people both online and via television?


Being a sponsor with the Ultimate Pool Group could be the solution for you.


We can provide you a platform with our bespoke sponsorship packages that help you hit your targets.


For further details on how we could help, please contact us via info@ultimatepoolgroup.com.


Chris Melling

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