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ENTERTAINMENT. EXCITEMENT. EIGHTBALL. The Ultimate Pool Group Organise And Promote Professional English Eightball Pool Events
Featuring The World’s Top Players.

Welcome to
the Ultimate Pool Group

The Ultimate Pool Group organise and promote professional 8-Ball Pool events featuring the world’s top players.

Founded in 2020 when the QK Sports Entertainment and Orange Media Group brands merged forces, the Ultimate Pool Group harbours an exciting vision for the sport’s future, with an emphasis on supplying quality, entertainment and increased levels of professionalism, exposure and prize money.

Ultimate Pool hosts a portfolio of live televised tournaments including several major invitationals and a structured two-tier floor circuit that consists of an open amateur series and an elite 32-player professional series. Throughout 2021, Ultimate Pool is set to payout approximately £300,000 in prizes.

Several of English 8-Ball Pool’s all-time greats compete in Ultimate Pool events, including current and six-time World Champion Michael Hill, and two-time World Champion and former Mosconi Cup MVP Chris Melling.

Current Event:

Apply Mortgages
Ultimate Pool Masters

Next episode:

2021 Ultimate Pool Professional Series and Challenger Series

Events 1 and 2: Friday 6th August – Sunday 8th August

Live on FreeSports and via livestream on ultimatepoolgroup.com


2021 Apply Mortgages Ultimate Pool Masters

Monday 9th August 2021 @ 18.30 live on FreeSports TV

Last 16, Group 3: Simon Fitzsimmons v Gavin Robinson and Craig Waddingham v John Chambers. Group final to follow.

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