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Ultimate Pool to Launch Official App

The Ultimate Pool Group is excited to announce that it is in the final stages of developing an official app that will provide fans access to a catalogue of exclusive live tournament coverage and content from the Ultimate Pool scene.

The app will be the first of its kind for 8-ball pool and is a big contribution to the organistaion’s professional vision for the sport and pushing it towards the same levels of exposure that major established sporting brands produce and receive.

At a touch of a few buttons, pool fans will instantly be able to enjoy several interactive features such as:

  • Livestreaming platform that covers action from featured tables in Ultimate Pool events such as the upcoming Professional Series to sit alongside its live television coverage with FreeSports. (Those outside of the UK will also be able to access live coverage of the main arena table)
  • Access to an archive of previously broadcast and streamed matches
  • Live scores and latest results, draws, rankings and stats from all Ultimate Pool events
  • Entertaining video and text-based content with the players from tournament news to fun, challenges, interviews and features
  • Updated player profiles
  • The latest announcements and press releases from the Ultimate Pool circuit

It is planned that the revolutionary app will be ready to download during the early stages of the upcoming Professional and Challenger Series seasons. The app will continue to evolve, with further future editions to feature added elements for pool players and fans alike.

Whilst the final touches to the app are being confirmed, there will be a temporary platform put in place which will allow viewers to exclusively watch streamed tables from the Ultimate Pool Professional and Challenger Series’ that both begin on the weekend of the 6th-8th August.

Details will be released shortly, but viewers can sign up to watch live coverage from the first weekend’s action for £4.99, or pay £17.49 to have access for throughout the entire season (all four weekends). Signing up for an individual weekend will allow you to view all video content from that respective weekend for up to 12 months.

For those outside of the UK, signing up will also give you access to the main arena table which will still be shown live within the UK on FreeSports TV.

Ultimate Pool Group Chairman Mark Quirk is thrilled with the release of the new concept: “The app is an instrumental part of providing multiple facets which will ensure the existence and growth both in terms of the numbers playing the sport worldwide and the monetisation both to grassroots 8-ball pool all the way up to the professional tour.

“It’s essential we are not dependent on any one particular sector and that we are able to use the strength of the numbers playing this wonderful game which will ultimately prove its popularity and delivery as a tier one sport.

“There are exciting times ahead for the sport and the Ultimate Pool App will play a big part in that. The app will develop and there will be future rollouts over the next two years with different functions and new partnerships coming on board.

Combining the success and ascendancy of our social media platforms in a relatively short space of time, the app will allow us to communicate with all the countries around the world and supply the best 8-ball pool action live.”

Further information regarding the app and viewing platform for the opening weekend of the Ultimate Pool Professional and Challenger Series’ will be released in due course.