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Ultimate Pool to Host Big-Money TV Doubles Event

The Ultimate Pool Group is excited to announce its latest major live televised tournament – a ‘doubles’ event consisting of a scotch doubles and singles format – that is set to start in September on Monday nights following the conclusion of the Apply Mortgages Ultimate Pool Masters.

The event is OPEN TO ALL and features a cool £20,000 additional prize fund. Action will take place across several weeks on FreeSports TV.

The entry fee per ‘doubles team’ is £200 and limited to 64 pairs.

Please contact us on social media (Facebook or Twitter) or email on info@ultimatepoolgroup.com to enter!

Rules and Format

  • Played to International 8-Ball Pool Rules
  • Four doubles teams will feature in a round robin format each week
  • Each match is limited to 20 minutes
  • Matches are a race to four frames or whatever the score is when the 20 minutes expires
  • For the first 15 minutes in a match there is a 30-second shot clock
    For the final 5 minutes in a match there is a 15-second shot clock
    Each team is allocated one 15-second extension per frame
  • 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw
  • The match format (single frames) is:
    Scotch Doubles
    Scotch Doubles
    Scotch Doubles
  • The doubles team finishing top of the round robin group at the end of an evening’s play will advance to the last 16 of the tournament (this will be on a later date)
  • Should teams be tied at the top of the table after all matches are completed, a Blackball Shootout will be required to determine a winner

(The Ultimate Pool Group has the right to amend these rules and formats)