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Apply Mortgages Ultimate Pool Masters

  • Number of Players: 64
  • Format: Straight knockout
  • Duration: Across 21 weeks
  • First Prize: £10,000
  • Coverage: Live throughout on FreeSports TV
  • Current Champion: TBD (Inaugural edition taking place between March to August 2021)
  • Draw and Results here


Carrying a prize fund of £20,000, the Apply Mortgages Ultimate Pool Masters is a 64-player knockout tournament held across 21 weeks and broadcast live on FreeSports TV.


Each week features four players from a section (sometimes referred to as a group) of the draw. There are two ‘semi-finals’ and a subsequent ‘final’ every night with the winner progressing to the next phase of the competition.

  • Phase One – 16 weeks of last 64 and last 32 matches
  • Phase Two – 4 weeks of last 16 and quarter-final matches
  • Phase Three – Finals Night: semi-final and final

All matches in all rounds are races to eight frames but are played to a 50-minute match-clock. Should a player not reach the target when the time expires, the result at the end of the 50 minutes stands. If scores are tied, a 6-Red Shootout will determine the winner.


Within every match there is also a separate shot-clock. During the opening 40 minutes of a match, players have 45 seconds to take their shots but this is reduced to 15 seconds a shot during the closing 10 minutes of a match. Each player is permitted one extension per frame – this will allow them an additional 15 seconds for that particular shot. Golden Break and Golden Duck rules apply.


The inaugural Apply Mortgages Ultimate Pool Masters is taking place across the spring and summer months of 2021.


For the latest reports and announcements from this year’s event, visit our news page here.