Thursday 08 September

Half a Million Up for Ultimate Pool

Ultimate Pool has recently passed the landmark of 500,000 followers on social media as the organisation’s growth on digital platforms continues to gain significant momentum.

Founded in late 2020, the Ultimate Pool Group has worked hard on its social media strategy. These numbers are evidence of the global appeal and appetite for quality 8-ball pool.

Will Caldwell – Head of Digital Media for Ultimate Pool – said: “Since the inception of Ultimate Pool, our focus has been on delivering exciting content to the public, in order to raise awareness of our magnificent sport, and increase popularity worldwide. Reaching 500,000 followers across our platforms is a huge testament to this.

Our goal is to become the most recognised brand for pool globally, and this acheievement is a big stepping stone in doing that! Kudos to our amazing social media team who work tirelessly to constantly deliver the best content.”

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The Stats

Over 234,000 followers on TikTok, making Ultimate Pool the most followed cuesports organisation in the world on the platform. Multiple videos on TikTok have several million views, including one of over 19 million.

Over 141,000 followers on the Ultimate Pool Facebook page and nearly 21,000 in the Ultimate Pool Fans Forum group.

Over 81,000 followers on Instagram.

Over 56,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Over 5,700 followers on Twitter.

In July 2022, Ultimate Pool reached 65 million people across social media.

(All figures are as of 08/09/2022)